Pro-Family PAC Endorses Candidates for State Assembly

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Madison—Wisconsin Family Action Political Action Committee (WFA PAC), in its first round of endorsements for this fall’s elections, announced today that it has endorsed the following candidates in the respective State

Assembly races:
Assembly District 5 – Craig Fletcher
Assembly District 35 – TomTiffany
Assembly District 49 – David Kuhle
Assembly District 52 – Jeremy Thiesfeldt
Assembly District 70 – Stephen Zdun
Assembly District 74 – Shirl LaBarre
Assembly District 92 – Dennis Clinard

Julaine Appling, Director of WFA PAC, commented on the endorsements: “WFA PAC is very pleased to endorse these candidates. They have each shown that they are persons of integrity who understand that to lead Wisconsin properly, to ensure our state’s future, our best natural resource—our families—must be strengthened and preserved. These candidates are committed to do that by working to, among other things, reduce government regulation, improve the business climate in order to encourage job creation, ensure families can make their own health-care choices, protect human life, and strengthen the institution of marriage. These are values WFA PAC shares with these candidates and with thousands of Wisconsin citizens in their respective Assembly Districts.
We believe voters this fall will find themselves in agreement with these Wisconsin citizens who have stepped out and taken on the daunting job of running for a state-level office. WFA PAC wishes them the very best as they take their message to their fellow citizens.”

Authorized and paid for by Wisconsin Family Action PAC, Judith Brant, Treasurer. Not authorized by any candidate or by any candidate’s agent or committee.


One comment on “Pro-Family PAC Endorses Candidates for State Assembly

  1. Leon Kusserow says:

    I will support Jeremy Cordova. Tom Tiffiny is a good person but he has run for office unsuccessfully a number of times and seems to have the (incumbant syndrone) attached to his name which is not a good thing this next election. Have you interviewed Jeremy Cordova?
    Thank you,
    Leon Kusserow

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