UW Hospital & Clinics’ affair with abortions

The prestigious UW Hospital & Clinics (UWHC) name is officially sullied by its love affair with providing abortions.  Over a year ago the pro-life community in Wisconsin exposed a secret plan to provide late, 2nd-trimester abortions (one of the most horrific abortion procedures) at the Madison Surgery Center (MSC), a joint venture of UWHC, the UW Medical Authority Board and Meriter Hospital.

Thanks to the unprecedented effort of pro-life organizations, attorneys and individuals, the MSC will not be providing those abortions, but fear not!  UWHC is still dead set on providing those barbarous abortions, at an undisclosed location, for “security reasons.”  Because the peaceful, prayerful protests against the plan have been so scary…to UWHC, Merital Hospital and the MSC’s bottom line and reputation.

Now, the state Attorney General is recommending an official audit of UWHC for violating state law prohibiting the use of taxpayer dollars to fund abortion.  Apparently, UWHC has been paying resident physicians to work at the Madison Planned Parenthood abortion mill where the physicians are trained to perform abortions.

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