The Lottery, A Zero-Sum Game

This week’s radio commentary…

What’s more Wisconsin than Klement’s Famous Racing Sausages?  You know, the six varieties of sausages that entertain the fans during the Brewers’ home games each season.  Apparently, what’s at least as Wisconsin as those sausages is the state lottery the sausages are now being used to advertise.  Hey, it’s all just fun and games, right? It’s just baseball, apple pie, sausages and gambling.  Really?

Last year the Wisconsin Problem Gambling Helpline received 14,604 calls – setting a record for the helpline. The Wisconsin Council on Problem Gambling estimates that five-to-seven percent of Wisconsin’s population may be problem or compulsive gamblers. That may not seem like a lot but with a population of over 5 ½ million, that comes out to over 282,783 thousand people in the state, or 1 in every 19, with a serious gambling problem and that is a problem.

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