Judge Tauro said what about DOMA?

This 2-minute video from Family Research Council on last week’s Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) ruling is a must see.  Find out what Judge Tauro said about marriage, the government and your position on the definition of marriage!


3 comments on “Judge Tauro said what about DOMA?

  1. William N. Platta says:

    We simply cannot fathom, do not know exactly how to respond to this re-invention of life, conceived in the pit of hell and offered to us daily by our media to passively observe–the dismantling of our government, our schools, our courts, our founding principles–our entire way of life–and told “Surrender! The inevitable has come!” We have never seen such audacity and it has knocked us for a loop, as the saying goes. Much like Pearl Harbor, I think. But, like the “Greatest Generation”, we are getting up from the mat, dusting ourselves off, and getting ready for Round 2, starting in November.

  2. Rosalie Greenley says:

    I don’t clearly understand the judge’s position as explained in the short clip, “DOMA Under Attack”. What I do understand is that any laws or pronouncements about marriage and family are reserved to the states and localities under our Constitutional system, are they not?

    I am a firm supporter of Christianity and our Judeo-Christian heritage. I believe that marriage is a union between one man and one woman and it should definitely remain that way! But we have to fight this fight at the state level, where laws regarding marriage are proper. The federal government has no jurisdiction over these issues. If we “give” them jurisdiction with a DOMA law, we open the door to further federal incursion in this area. Do we want to open that can of worms?

    • William N. Platta says:

      The can is already open. States do not have any sovreign jurisdiction that cannot be abridged by a government determined to impose its will, despite any and all Constitutional protections. We have to fight where the fight takes us.

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