Pro-Family PAC Announces New Endorsements for State Assembly and State Senate

Assembly District 35 – Jeremy Cordova
Assembly District 59 – Daniel LeMahieu
Assembly District 62 – Chris Wright
Assembly District 72 – John Lamb
Assembly District 99 – Don Pridemore
Senate District 21 – Van Wanggaard
Senate District 21 – Bob Gulan
Senate District 23 – Terry Moulton

Click here to read the press release…


2 comments on “Pro-Family PAC Announces New Endorsements for State Assembly and State Senate

  1. Phillip Unti says:

    The endorsement of Mark Neumann in light of what has gone on in this campaign is disappointing. I would have expected a higher level of integrity from WFA.

    • julaineappling says:

      Phillip: the WFA PAC considers candidates for endorsement based on two criteria: 1) Candidate character, reputation, voting record (if available) and position on issues; and 2) Campaign viability, meaning a campaign plan that is being executed and financial resources sufficient to implement the plan. The PAC considers candidates individually based on the above criteria; we do not compare them to each other. We do not solicit candidates for endorsement; both gubernatorial candidates sought our endorsement and completed a lengthy questionnaire and had an in-person, in-depth interview. As part of the first criterion, we naturally consider the legality of a candidate’s campaign actions and messaging. If something were blatantly illegal, we would definitely consider that. Beyond that, we have not made judgments regarding the content or the approach of the various campaigns. The PAC determined that both Walker and Neumann met both criteria for endorsement.

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