No GABbing Allowed!

This weeks’ radio commentary…

It’s something you might expect to find in an Orwellian novel or a communist state like China or a liberal state like New York. But here in the great state of Wisconsin? Never! Well, think again. On August 1, 2010 Wisconsin, which has been dabbling in election censorship for years, officially launched into a new world of restricting free speech during elections.

Six un-elected, retired judges – all appointed by Gov. Jim Doyle and approved by the State Senate– wield incredible power over Wisconsin’s election laws as the members for Wisconsin’s incongruously titled “Government Accountability Board,” or GAB.  In the grand, and entirely un-American, tradition of philosopher-kings, these appointed judges exercise their apparently unquestionable judgment to create, administer and enforce Wisconsin’s election-related law.

Read the rest here…

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