WFA PAC announces new endorsements!

Pro-Family PAC Announces New Endorsements for
State Assembly, Lt. Governor and Sheriff

Press release PDF

Madison—Wisconsin Family Action Political Action Committee (WFA PAC) announced today another round of endorsed candidates for the following State Assembly, Lt. Governor and Sheriff races:

Lieutenant Governor – Nick Voegeli

Vilas County Sheriff – James Maillette

Assembly District 15 – David Nickel
Assembly District 15 – Ronald Rieboldt
Assembly District 20 – Molly McGartland
Assembly District 24 – Dan Knodl
Assembly District 25 – Bob Ziegelbauer
Assembly District 27 – Steve Kestell
Assembly District 31 – Steve Nass
Assembly District 41 – Nicholas Quade
Assembly District 45 – Jeff Klett
Assembly District 56 – Jay Schroeder
Assembly District 57 – Chris Hanson
Assembly District 57 – Howard Miller
Assembly District 67 – Dean Gullickson
Assembly District 68 – Kathleen Bernier
Assembly District 70 – John Spiros
Assembly District 75 – Roger Rivard
Assembly District 84 – John Marek
Assembly District 89 – John Nygren
Assembly District 98 – Paul Farrow

“It has been a privilege to meet such stellar individuals from all over our great state, people who have made the huge commitment of time and effort to run for public office,” said Julaine Appling, Director of the WFA PAC. “These are ordinary people—businessmen and women, community leaders, husbands, wives, mothers and fathers. Many are seeking public office for the first time; some are seeking re-election. But WFA PAC is confident they are all wanting to make a difference by standing strong for traditional marriage and family, the sanctity of human life, limited government, and fiscal responsibility.
“We are grateful for these men and women who are willing to stand in the gap for us and represent our families, our values and our rights in Wisconsin government. We wish each of them the best as they campaign this fall and encourage citizens to support them and their campaigns.”
Authorized and paid for by Wisconsin Family Action PAC, Judith Brant, Treasurer. Not authorized by any candidate or by any candidate’s agent or committee.

2 comments on “WFA PAC announces new endorsements!

  1. Edward Perkins says:

    You list the Assembly only. where is the Lt. Governor and Sheriffs list??


    Ed Perkins

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