Blocking an end run around the will of the people

This week’s radio commentary:

“My wife and I have talked about this to all our friends,” the caller said. “And we all agree. We just don’t get why you think it’s wrong two loving and committed people of the same sex to get married or enjoy the same rights we have as a heterosexual married couple, unless you are part of some fringe religious group,” the caller concluded during my interview with Wisconsin Public Radio on Monday of this week. “Oh, my, where to start,” I wondered as I quickly framed my response.

I was happy to inform this caller that while he and his wife and all of their friends may think marriage should be redefined to include so-called “loving and committed” persons of the same sex, there were over 1.25 million citizens in Wisconsin who said in 2006 that they think marriage should be only between one man and one woman. Those people represented nearly 60% of the voters in that election—all of whom said they didn’t want marriage redefined in gender or in number and they weren’t interested in marriage by another name either.

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