A Victory for Life

This week’s radio commentary:

Laura Dominguez became a quadriplegic at age 16 as a result of a terrible car accident. Doctors told her that she would never be able to walk again; but fortunately, thanks to the use of her own nasal adult stem cells, she has regained both movement and sensation in her lower body and is determined that she will one-day walk again. Laura’s story is only one of tens of thousands of such stories—stories of people who have been successfully treated and even cured of debilitating, life-threatening illnesses and injuries by adult stem-cell treatments.

But while thousands have been helped by adult stem cell research and resultant cures and therapies, no one, not one person has received help from human embryonic stem-cell treatment.  Nevertheless, the push for using taxpayer money for this life-destroying, non-productive research continues.  However, last week, a federal judge finally realized that using federal taxpayer money for such research violates federal law.

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One comment on “A Victory for Life

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