An Epic Day – Happy Constitution Day!

On this day, 223 years ago, the delegates of the Philadelphia Convention signed the U.S. Constitution and sent it to the 13 States for ratification.

And we’re still here, over two centuries later, with the same governing document–somewhat the worse for wear–but still functioning in some respect as a Republic.  That, is epic.

The U.S. Constitution was an entirely new idea back in 1787, birthed in the minds of learned, passionate patriots, and based on concepts of liberty, justice and individual responsibility gleaned from a diversity of sources, including the Judeo-Christian Bible, ancient civilizations, contemporary thinkers, personal experience and English Common Law.

Yesterday, I had the privilege of hearing Jefferson County Circuit Court Judge Randy Koschnick talk about the U.S. Constitution, and how important it is for American citizens, and elected officials in particular, to understand the Constitution.

Judge Koschnick outlined some of the ways the U.S. Legislature, Executive Office and  Judicial Branch have weakened and destroyed various provisions of the Constitution over the last two hundred-plus years.   Every time I’m reminded of how far we’ve come from the original, enumerated language and lofty concepts of the Constitution, I’m incredibly…sad.

I’m sad because I have some idea of what it took to win the right to establish a just and free Republic–a grueling process that started long before the Philadelphia summer of 1787.  It was an epic journey and one that I wish We The People would never forget, take for granted or carelessly throw away.

We have something incredible in the U.S. Constitution–a successful experiment in nationhood unprecedented in previous civilizations.  I’m celebrating that today, thanking the Lord for the gift of liberty, and vowing to do everything I can to help preserve and restore the Constitution to its original glory.

If you haven’t read it recently, or if you’ve never read it at all, I encourage to take some time to read the Constitution–it’s well worth your time.
>> click here for an online copy of the Constitution


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