Feingold & Kohl approve–again–two-time loser Louis Butler

Yesterday, the US Senate Judiciary Committee  on a 12-7 partisan vote approved former Wisconsin State Supreme Court Justice Louis Butler as a federal district judge. Both of Wisconsin’s senators, Russ Feingold (D) and Herb Kohl (D) are on the Judiciary Committee and both voted for Butler and several other Obama nominees.  The full Senate will likely sit for quite awhile before acting on these nominees.

This is the second time Feingold and Kohl have voted to approve Butler for this position. As a matter of record, yes, Butler is the former Milwaukee County judge who ran for the State Supreme Court in 2000 and was soundly defeated by Diane Sykes.   In 2004, when Sykes took a federal judgeship, Gov. Jim Doyle appointed Butler to the State Supreme Court–a position incumbent Justice Butler managed to lose in 2008 when challenger Justice Mike Gableman beat him.

So, now Feingold and Kohl have given this two-time loser–a judge “we the people” keep rejecting–yet another opportunity for a lifetime appointment.  Obviously, Feingold and Kohl care more about party unity than representing their constituents.  Yet another glaring example of what’s wrong with our government.


4 comments on “Feingold & Kohl approve–again–two-time loser Louis Butler

  1. William N. Platta says:

    Simply, “Amen and Amen”! It seems they will NEVER get it. On and on we roll toward November…

  2. Lavon says:

    ….is it November yet?

  3. Brad says:

    That figures. It looks like Mr. “Maverick”(lapdog) has struck again.

  4. Capt. Karl says:

    You wrote in the article;

    “Obviously, Feingold and Kohl care more about party unity than representing their constituents. Yet another glaring example of what’s wrong with our government.”

    I have been a Republican all of my life until a couple of years ago now, when I realized that they are only a little bit better than Democrats in terms of FAMILY in the TRUE Godly created sense, true LOVE and roles, true believers and followers of Our Creator,in terms of obeying the Rule of LAW in the LAWs that We The People established and ordained, in The Constitution(s)State and Federal, on the Government(s) that We instituted amongst us by our unalienable Rights, held by Indigenous Power (power endowed INTO our beings that cannot be “voted” away by electing public SERVANTS to do Our Bidding as representatives of our households as we remain their Masters) and authority that has been endowed us by our Creator. These facts are the essence of Freedom which is slowly being dissipated and debauched through Constitutional and ethical contempt and mass usurpation.
    In my personal opinion, only a spiritual restoration across our land and the power of the Holy Spirit can save us from utter tyranny and despotism now. Due to the 17th Amendment, which I soon will receive research information on proving that it was like the 16th Amendment as it was NEVER properly ratified in terms of tally of the States votes. The 17th Amendment turned our Republic into more of a Democracy which is the purest form of Socialism and/or Communism under the mob rule of fallen men. It has resulted in people voting for politicians who promise to bring home the PORK despite THE LAWs under the enumerated powers and money clauses of Article I Sections 8 and 10, as further supported by the Supremacy clause of Article VI and further reinforced by LAW in the 9th and 10th Amendments in the Bill of Rights! This has resulted in several fallen, bad and evil men being able to “buy” their way back into the Senate through the “love of money” because they themselves worship at the altar of Power, corruption, greed and money.
    This country existed and became a SUPERPOWER in the years before the ratification of the NON-ratified 16th Amendment resulting in the heinous robbery of earnings and property of nearly ALL Americans, made legal by illegal disingenuous means of the dishonorable disreputable Secretary of State Philander Knox when he LIED about the tally of the States resulting in the Income Tax that plagues our country today. Our country thrived for almost 150 years without any Income Taxes. And, according to the 1984 Grace Commission Report to President Reagan, after transfer payments to Social Security and Medicare, NO INCOME TAXES go to the U.S. Government to pay for any of the things you have been lead to believe your Income Taxes goes to. ALL Income Taxes goes DIRECTLY into the pockets of the 40, mostly foreign, owners of the Federal Reserve “System”, a cartel of 12 Privately Owned, mostly foreign, banking interests. So remember when you pay your Income Taxes for this year, NOT A NICKLE of it is going for anything our Government is telling us. All of it is going to 40 private, mostly British, business owners for payment of interest and principle on the “Public Debt”.
    But, truth be told, what does it matter anyway? If we lived in truth the fact is that the U.S. Dollar hasn’t been worth 100 cents for Decades. The U.S. Dollar has only been worth 4 cents, now less, in real value. Only our minds believing that a piece of paper printed by the Trillions is worth 100 cents makes this “MATRIx” work… According to ALL of World History this fiat money “system”, printing of money out of thin air with almost NOTHING of assets in hard physical value backing them up, will result, sooner or later, in the currency being revalued to its TRUE underlying supported value. That means that sooner or later the U.S. Dollar will be revalued to 2 – 3 cents, in purchasing value, relative to its ‘perceived’ value today, of 100 cents, which ONLY exists in our minds. No matter what we WANT to think, sooner or later the National and International markets will revalue the Dollar down to the REAL World value that supports it, 2 – 3 cents. Okay, what does that mean to us? It means that EVERYTHING will cost up to 50 TIMES more, according to my calculus, sometime in less than 23 months. Are you ready to pay $91.00 per gallon for gasoline, $80.00 for a loaf of bread, $8,100.00 per month for the average utility bill for heat and electricity? Right now we are living in an economy, an America, that is totally and only supported by pieces of paper and electronic digits that are really worth almost NOTHING. Therefore, the fact is, in a financial sense, we live in an immoral world based on wealth created by man from glorified computer printers, spitting on the face of God and telling him we can print all the wealth we want with impunity and there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it! Oh, yeah? Just watch people. We do not dishonor God, the Creator of the Universe, like that and get away with it.
    Our economy is going to collapse in 1 of 4 scenarios. The best one, which will give us the most amount of time to prepare before the collapse, is this: QE1, QE2, the secret QE3 and possible QE4 will result in a FURTHER skyrocketing of the stock markets. The Dow, for example, will go up to at least 13,400 to as high as 16,000 over the next 6 – 8 months or so. The money generated will trickle down to the economy and people. This will be followed by a SHORT TERM employment BOOM BOOM in conjunction with an inflationary period which has already started along with the skyrocketing stock market going from about 6,400 to now well north of 11,550 in an extremely short 1 ½ years. Shortly following the booming employment and prices of goods and services, the Dollar will be totally revalued by the National and International markets in a 72 hour hyperinflationary onslaught cataclysmic event virtually destroying the purchasing value of the Dollar. This is not any prophetic prediction. THIS IS World HISTORY. Here are the other countries this has happened to already: Rome, Russia (resulting in the Bolshevik revolution – or as we know it, The U.S.S.R. where up to 12,000 innocent lives were murdered per year to maintain control for the good of the Masses, according to my friend Yuri Maltsev an ex-economics defected advisor from the U.S.S.R. who you might have seen on Glenn Beck ), The Weimar Republic (resulting in the Nazis), Argentina, Iceland and Zimbabwe. America is next.
    After “The MATRIx”, our economy that doesn’t exist except in our minds that have been programmed to believe that a Dollar is worth 100 cents, when now it is only worth 2 – 3 cents in the ‘REAL’ world outside of The MATRIX that only exists in the minds of men across the world as the international “Reserve Currency”, collapses WE THE PEOPLE, Not The U.S. Government that facilitated the MATRix program into our minds (believing that paper printed and ink printed out of thin air) is worth 100 cents, MUST enforce the Rule of LAW, word for word, as WE drafted in The Constitution as well as the canons of The Declaration of Independence.

    When Politicians do not obey Our Law in the Constitution, word for word, per terms, such as “General Welfare”, “Regulate” in the commerce clause and “as necessary and proper”, AS DEFINED BY OUR FOUNDING FATHERS at the time of the Ratification, then how can we expect them to represent us, their Masters,who established and ordained the LAW on THEM to secure the blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity, at all?

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