Being Open For Business = Thriving Families

Happy New Year!  This week’s radio commentary is about Governor Walker’s promise that Wisconsin is open for business, and what that means for Wisconsin’s most important resource–her families.

Wisconsin opened this week under a new slogan – “Wisconsin is open for business.”  We’re open for business that will create jobs for a workforce that is in desperate need of jobs, for families that are in desperate need of a steady income. From the point of view of stressed families whose dreams for the future have been short-circuited, open for business means open for families to thrive.

Wisconsin has a rich tradition of family – family farms, family businesses, family traditions and legacies of good education, hard work and lasting values. Open for business is a promise of hope for families that are struggling to put food on the table, save for their children’s education, pay the bills and keep their family together.

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One comment on “Being Open For Business = Thriving Families

  1. Gordon Jennings says:

    Think how much more revenue local business could have if they made cakes and flower arrangements and rented halls for gay marriage. More stable families and a better economy all around, right?

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