The pro-homosexual agenda and labor in WI

An email from Fair Wisconsin–the group that opposed the Marriage Amendment–to supporters.  (See highlighted text.)

Dear Supporter,

I have an unusual, but absolutely critical, request of you today.

So often I write to you about the need to protect LGBT people and their families against attempts to strip away rights and critical protections.  You have responded over and over again and I sincerely appreciate your continued action in the fight for equality.

We have also been proud to welcome the support of our Union brothers and sisters in that fight. Every time we’ve had a challenge, whether it’s been the campaign against the 2006 constitutional amendment or vocal support of the domestic partner registry in 2009, Labor has never failed to stand with us in our time of need.

Yesterday, we heard about Governor Walker’s plan to strip public employees’ rights to organize and bargain collectively. This is our opportunity to thank these people – the same individuals who teach our children, care for our sick and even plow our streets – for their support by standing with them as they fight for their right to exist.

Our government should never be in the business of taking away people’s rights.

Please join with Fair Wisconsin in contacting your legislators and asking them to protect our union brothers and sisters today.

Thank you.

In fairness AND solidarity,

Katie Belanger
Executive Director

P.S. Support your friends, family and neighbors who depend on public jobs to support their families. Join Fair Wisconsin and thousands of union members and allies for an 11am rally at the State Capitol on Tuesday and Wednesday!  We need you to show our elected officials that whether you’re LGBT, straight, union member, or not, taking away people’s rights is never acceptable.


8 comments on “The pro-homosexual agenda and labor in WI

  1. Steve says:

    The real question is who will pay for the benefits the state and federal employees continue to receive? The state is broke. When the people who pay for the state and federal employee benefits have a lower wage and higher insurance costs than the state and federal employees, there is something drastically wrong. There is no more money.


  2. Brad says:

    There it is again. Unions, and sodomites in bed together. And there is always a lot of being “proud”, involved with that. But God says, “Woe to them that call good evil, and evil good”. Katie Belanger, and the unions, are taking their places beside the communists, muslims, nazis, etc., in their war against Jesus Christ. Jesus said “He who is not with me is against me”, and “He who does not gather with me, scatters”. These people are not with Jesus. That means they are against Him. THERE IS NO MIDDLE GROUND. They are convicted out of their own “proud” mouths. And this is what we Christians are up against.

  3. WMR says:

    This is the most ignorant comment I have ever read. Clearly, you have no grasp of history nor of the situation at hand. Your misinterpretation of the concept of a labor union is shocking as well as your irrelevant invokation of Christ to support your inflammatory and wholly uneducated opinion.

    Sir, I recommend that you educate yourself before disparaging groups of people and organizations. Your absolutely absurd comment that Ms. Belanger would support Nazis is shocking.

    It is telling that Wisconsin Family Voice would allow such ridiculous commentary to remain on their website.

    • julaineappling says:

      Wisconsin Family Voice is going to let both comments stand. From reading Brad’s comment, we do not see that he is saying that Ms. Belanger is supporting Nazis. We try to let this be as open of a forum as possible. However, I assure you we do restrict comments that we deem inappropriate or threatening. We see neither situation in what Brad wrote.

      • Gary says:

        Wow, I agree with WMR. You honestly don’t find Brad’s comments to be inappropriate in any way?


  4. WMR says:

    I am extremely discouraged by your response, Ms. Appling. Your defense of that hateful, racist, and poisonously ignorant comment reflects very poorly on your organization.

    For those of you of faith, take that comment to your minister. I’m certain that he or she will be just as disgusted as I am with that comment as well as how this organization sees itself.

  5. Brad says:

    To WMR: On the contrary, my grasp of history is extremely accurate. Hitler’s inner loop was awash with sodomites. I’m not lying, it happens to be historical fact. And, how can invoking the Creator of the galaxies be “irrelevant”? Like it or not, He holds your very life and breath in His hand, and allows you to scoff at Him because of His mercy. Now, I’ll admit I hate unions, because I was forced to be in one to keep my job, and got next to nothing as far as representation, for my dues. That union also used my dues to support unqualified, immoral democrats (is there any other kind?) who stood against everything that is right, and good. But, how is my position “racist”? I know, that’s the standard response of liberals when they are forced to defend their indefensible positions. However, it is very touching that you are concerned about WFA’s reputation. Finally, most of the ministers you spoke of are, sadly, false teachers today. That would be most of the men, and all of the women, because women shouldn’t be in that position to begin with. So, I stick to what God has said, because He is perfect.

  6. Brian Schuh says:

    Wow Brad…. your ignorance is astonishing.

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