Vote Today!

Today is an extremely important Spring Primary Election for a seat on the State Supreme Court.  Incumbent Justice David T. Prosser is challenged by three attorneys: JoAnne Kloppenburg, Joel Winnig and Marla Stephens.  For additional information on the four candidates, click here.

As members of an increasingly powerful branch of government, justices on the State Supreme Court have incredible responsibility.  The ten-year term for a State Supreme Court Justice is the longest elected term in the state.  Wisconsin’s high court is often the final stop for statutes and constitutional provisions in our state and has incredible power over individual and corporate rights.

It is absolutely imperative that Wisconsin voters take part in this race and cast informed ballots.  For more information, visit

Please note: the Supreme Court Primary is the only statewide race on the primary ballot today.   Depending on where you live, you may see circuit court judge, mayoral, city/county board and/or school board races on your ballot today, as well.


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