Perpetual Campaign

This week’s radio commentary…

After the whirlwind of the November 2010 elections and the preceding campaign season, you may have thought, as I did, that once we got through a low-key State Supreme Court election this April we’d be without campaigns and elections for a year. Boy, were we wrong!

The budget adjustment bill and ensuing Capitol changed all that.

We believe holding elected officials accountable is important and necessary.  However, holding elected officials accountable by attempting to force a recall election for every legislator eligible for recall is a relatively new strategy. A recall is a constitutional provision for removing an elected officer. Typically, we would want to ensure that a legislator had committed a serious infraction of rules, laws, standards of behavior or common decency before instituting a recall campaign.

A recall is no small matter, particularly since there’s a good possibility it could change the outcome of last November’s election

Read the rest here.

Listen to/download the MP3 file.


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