Family Matters

From this week’s “Wisconsin Family Connection”~

So what is a family—and does it really matter how we define family in our culture and in our law?

If you listen to the media or debates on the floor of the legislature or Hollywood, you would think that family is whatever anyone wants it to be—a traditional married mom and dad, a single parent and child, two persons of the same sex with or without children, friends living together as roommates or housemates, cohabiting heterosexual couples with or without children.  Whatever.

Government has made it clear that it is all for promoting a variety of definitions of family by enacting public policy that all too frequently treats them all the same.  For instance, State Senator Glenn Grothman has pulled together numbers that show between the state and the federal governments single mothers can get over $38,000 a year in tax-free benefits through programs such as Earned Income Credit, food stamps, state-funded day care and more.  

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