Prayer–Where America Turns in Crisis

From this week’s “Wisconsin Family Connection,” a radio commentary airing on stations all across the state~

So, what is with New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the presiding official at the 10th commemoration of 9/11?  What doesn’t he understand about America?   Why ban clergy and prayers from this service at Ground Zero?  What lies has he believed? 

Some Bloomberg defenders ask how we would decide who would pray. How could we possibly choose one clergyman to represent most Americans? And after all, they say, a 6-minute time of personal meditation will be offered—whatever that means. 

Mayor Bloomberg has shown an utter disrespect for one of the greatest traditions in this country—turning to God in times of grief and tragedy—and in the times we remember and commemorate those national tragedies.   He has shown a disrespect for our clergy in general. 

While we have incredible diversity and no state-mandated religion, we identify strongly with a general Christian religion—over 78% of Americans self-identify as some type of Christian, the majority, over 50%, as some type of protestant.  Finding members of the clergy to represent Americans and to offer prayers at the 9/11 service next Sunday wouldn’t be difficult.

Read the entire transcript
Listen to the mp3 version 


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