Appling/Jacobs Affirm Founding Father’s Principles at “Let’s Do Lunch” Event

“We are still the greatest nation on the face of the earth. Our difference has made us prosperous; it has made us free.” – Julaine Appling

Julaine Appling with guest speaker Dr. Jake Jacobs at Wisconsin Family Action’s “Let’s Do Lunch” seminar in Sheboygan Falls 6/12/2012.

The Aviation Heritage Center was the venue for the Sheboygan Falls “Let’s Do Lunch” seminar hosted by Wisconsin Family Action.  President Julaine Appling spoke to a group of 40, passionately affirming the foundation of family, the need for people/churches to be politically involved, and the work WFA has been involved in over the past year and currently.
You can listen to Julaine’s speech by clicking HERE.

Dr. Jacobs speaking with attendees after the seminar

Jake Jacobs, Ph.D., former college history professor, author, and professional speaker, guided attendees through the nation’s history stating “All 50 states acknowledge God in their constitutions as the source of life and liberty.” Jacobs reiterated the history of the Wisconsin Constitution and some of the founding father’s views on morality and government.
Dr. Jacob’s speech can be heard by clicking HERE.
Wisconsin Family Action hosts “Let’s Do Lunch” seminars throughout the state of Wisconsin. Check out our schedule on our website HERE to watch for one being held in a community near you. You may also follow us on Facebook and Twitter @WIFamilyAction!


NOTE: Dr. Jake Jacob’s is the author of Mobocracy: “This is what Democracy looks like!”, a book that describes the devastating effects of the mob mentality/Occupy Movement. You can view information regarding his book HERE.


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