Wisconsin Family Action’s Appling Receives Standing Ovation at LibertyVention

Wisconsin Family Action was present at the first state-wide Wisconsin LibertyVention, supported in part by Americans for Prosperity,  this past Saturday, June 16.  Along with groups such as the Northwood Patriots and the Wausau Tea Party, WFA participated in the “gathering for Wisconsin patriots” with four of our team members in attendance.

WFA president Julaine Appling was the final of three speakers during the lunch hour.  Her speech hit home on issues of the First Amendment and Religious Liberty in the eyes of those who began this country.  “The constitution was framed by people who understood the nature of humanity.  And that is, we don’t do well governing ourselves.”

Appling also spoke to the overarching effect that religious liberty has on a country: “I would contend that free enterprise and limited government are directly related to religious freedom.  When religion is strong in a state, in a country, the people live to a higher standard.”

The crowd of over 100 responded to Appling’s speech with a standing ovation in the midst of their lunches.  Her focus on using character and morals to accomplish the changes needed in society resonated with the group.

WFA was also present in the afternoon sessions at LibertyVention.  Field Coordinators James Maillete and Jo Egelhoff are both working on coordinating volunteers and strategizing canvassing activities for the next election cycle.  Maillete talked to the groups in both afternoon sessions about the process of canvassing, from identifying voters to educating them to getting them out to the polls.  He ended with a bid for cooperation between groups who have different strengths to bring to the table.  WFA can offer phone banks, walk lists and literature, while other groups or individuals may be able to offer volunteer times in their area and new ideas or avenues for getting our “Vote your Values” message out.  Over five different organizations were represented in the sessions and discussion time was valuable to everyone there.


WFA President Julaine Appling Receives Standing Ovation at LibertyVention on Saturday, June 17.


L to R: WFA President Julaine Appling with Field Directors James Maillete and Jo Egelhoff.


One comment on “Wisconsin Family Action’s Appling Receives Standing Ovation at LibertyVention

  1. Shirley Kufeldt says:

    I watched as Julaine Appling gave her speech–no teleprompters were needed. She spoke from her heart, her confictions and she knows right from wrong. She has a beautifully strong voice for the conservative movement and we were blessed to hear her speak at LibertyVention.

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