WFA President Julaine Appling Commends Cong. Sensenbrenner’s Religious Liberty Bill

Madison—Wisconsin Congressman F. James Sensenbrenner (R) announced yesterday that he is authoring legislation that will repeal the “Obamacare Religious Freedom Tax.”

Following is a statement from Wisconsin Family Action’s president, Julaine Appling, reacting to Rep. Sensenbrenner’s proposal.

“Congressman Sensenbrenner is the cavalry riding to our rescue. As he says, ‘our religious liberties are not bartering chips.’

“The Obama Administration appears to be determined to trounce on the vestiges of religious freedom we have left. Until November, Congress is our best hope for pushing back against the excesses of this administration that seems determined to silence or punish people of faith. We are proud of Congressman Sensenbrenner and greatly appreciate his leadership on this Religious Freedom Tax Repeal Act.

“Obamacare requires that religiously-affiliated organizations or institutions be subject to a hefty fine for following their closely-held religious and conscience beliefs rather than obeying the onerous law. Apparently we need to remind some people that this is America.

“Our First Amendment religious freedom is a foundational freedom, referred to by our Founders as the ‘first freedom.’ Protecting this important freedom is more important now than ever. As we know, this move by the Obama Administration is clearly not about contraception, and it’s not exclusively about Roman Catholics. It is about religious freedom, and it affects all people of faith, regardless of religious denomination or affiliation. If those opposed to this ‘first freedom’ are successful on this first push, they will continue with their bullying.

“All freedom-loving Wisconsin citizens ought to thank Rep. Sensenbrenner for standing up for our religious liberty. His bill protects not only religiously-affiliated organizations and institutions, but also protects any employer from any excise tax, certain lawsuits and penalties if the employer has a group health plan that doesn’t cover contraceptives because the employer objects to doing so on the basis of religious belief or moral conviction. That is exactly as it ought to be. Private citizen-employers should have such protections; that’s what religious freedom is all about.

“Obamacare needs to be repealed for many reasons, not the least of which is its attack on religious freedom. We are grateful for Rep. Sensenbrenner and others, including Governor Scott Walker, for standing up against the tyranny of those who want to destroy our freedoms.”


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