Wisconsin Family Council’s “Stand With Chick-fil-A/Stand For Marriage” Gift Card Giveaway – Racine



Wisconsin Family Council will be handing out 200-300 gift cards of appreciation at Chick-fil-A tomorrow, Aug. 1, Racine location

Madison— “Wisconsin Family Council has never been ‘chicken’ about supporting traditional marriage. We are the Marriage Champions here in Wisconsin—a title we proudly wear.  Now we are excited to be able to champion Wisconsin’s only Chick-fil-A tomorrow as a part of the nationwide Chick-fil-A Appreciation effort,” said Julaine Appling, president of Wisconsin Family Council.

On Wednesday, August 1, Wisconsin Family Council will be sponsoring a gift card give-away to the first 200-300 customers at the Chick-fil-A store in Racine.


We’re not chicken!

Appling continued, “This is money that our friends have given to us specifically for this effort—to show they support Chick-fil-A and marriage—right here in Wisconsin.  Many people would love to go to Racine and enjoy a meal at Chick-fil-A tomorrow, but they can’t do that.  Giving to support our Stand with Chick-fil-A/Stand for Marriage project enables them to be directly involved.  We are honored to represent these folks who share our belief about marriage.  All the money we raise today will go to this project. We want to put our money where are our values are and also encourage people to continue to support local businesses that share their values.”

Wisconsin Family Council champions traditional marriage statewide by various programs and efforts.  Its sister
organization, Wisconsin Family Action, actively advocates in the state legislature for policies that strengthen and preserve marriage and family—Wisconsin’s best natural resource.

Boston, Chicago, and San Francisco are telling Chick-fil-A president Dan Cathy that they don’t want his business because he openly supports traditional marriage. Appling noted, “Hey, as Governor Walker says, ‘Wisconsin is open for business!’ Let’s have some more Chick-fil-A stores open in The Badger State! I can tell you we would do all we could to welcome them.”

Wisconsin’s only Chick-fil-A is located in Racine at the Regency Mall, 5802 Durand Ave.


One comment on “Wisconsin Family Council’s “Stand With Chick-fil-A/Stand For Marriage” Gift Card Giveaway – Racine

  1. […] their money where their values are by giving away $5 gift cards to the first 200-300 customers. The “Stand With Chick-fil-A/Stand For Traditional Marriage” appreciation effort by Wisconsin Family Council was met with grateful enthusiam by Chick-fil-A […]

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