Wisconsin Family Council “Liberty in Peril” Event in West Bend – Julaine Appling Speaks to Packed House


Dr. Jake Jacobs uses the painting “The Adoration of the Christ” as he affirms our early Christian roots in America.

Wisconsin Family Council presented “”Liberty in Peril” at the Museum of Wisconsin Art in West Bend last evening.  The venue provided an excellent backdrop for the event, and it was no coincidence that the museum’s permanent display of Carl Marr’s “Adoration of the Christ Child” overwhelmed the room with its presence on the south wall. Utilizing the artwork to drive his message home, guest speaker, author, and teacher, Dr. Jake Jacobs, kicked off the event with a powerful presentation that brought our Christian foundation, our Christ connection, to the forefront, affirming our country’s God-centered heritage.

Dr. Jacobs was followed by Wisconsin Family Council’s president Julaine Appliing who passionately and fervently implored attendees to revisit their Christian roots, to fight to protect marriage, family, life and liberty, and to pass on America’s Christian heritage to the next generation in order to preserve the “truth left out of textbooks.”  Appling explained, “Wisconsin Family Council works hard in the state of Wisconsin to represent YOUR values. Your donations allow us to educate and encourage folks across The Badger State. She furthered, “We are not a charity organization. Our purpose is to represent you and your values in the legislature, in the media, and in your communities. Your money allows us to do those things you are not able to do.”

You can listen to portions of Julaine Appling’s presentation HERE and HERE.


WFC president Julaine Appling lends a dynamic presentation at the “Liberty in Peril” event held in West Bend at the Museum of Wisconsin Art Aug. 2

“As long as we have breath, I believe we should dedicate ourselves to two things – making sure our families know the Truth about the gospel of Jesus Christ, and secondly, that they know the truth about the founding of this country and that they are able to transmit that to those who come after them.” – Julaine Appling

The next “Liberty in Peril” events will be on August 16 at the Green Bay Botanical Garden and August 28 in Waukesha, Country Springs Inn.  For more information, click HERE.

To donate to Wisconsin Family Council/Wisconsin Family Action, click HERE.

The event was catered by local author and food celebrity Diane Fechter, whose Wisconsin blog can be found HERE.


2 comments on “Wisconsin Family Council “Liberty in Peril” Event in West Bend – Julaine Appling Speaks to Packed House

  1. William Nicholas Platta says:

    Thank you so much, Julaine, for such a strong and clear presentation of what’s at stake this election and the real solution to our looming, massive ‘enslavement’ by our government. It couldn’t be clearer. A balanced budget, a ‘reigned in judiciary’, a smaller, smarter government will not alone fix our problems. We need to return to our Judeo-Christian foundation–in our families, our schools, and our culture–to fix what’s wrong with us.

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