Pro-Family Group, Wisconsin Family Action, Reacts to Romney Pick of VP

Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan’s

policies and principles are good for families

Madison—Wisconsin Family Action issued the following statement regarding Republican nominee Mitt Romney’s selection of Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan as his vice presidential running mate. “Wisconsin Family Action joins with our fellow Wisconsin citizens in heartily congratulating Image
one of our own on being chosen as the Vice Presidential running mate for Republican-nominee Mitt Romney. These are exciting days for The Badger State and certainly for Rep. Ryan and his family.

Paul Ryan has distinguished himself during his fourteen years in the U.S. House of Representatives as a strong fiscal conservative. Chairing the powerful House Budget Committee and drawing a line in the sand with his budget plan, Ryan has repeatedly shown he understands that preserving the freedom we deeply value in America demands economic responsibility from the top down. Ryan understands that reducing the deficit and the debt and reining in spending must be done to ensure a bright future for the next generations.

By championing strong, conservative, bedrock American economic principles, Ryan is helping to ensure that America’s best natural resource—her traditional families—is given the very best opportunity to remain or become independent of government. Our nation and our state are only as strong as their foundation. Strong, independent families provide exactly the foundation we must have to keep America the land of the free.

We are also very encouraged by Rep. Ryan’s strong pro-life voting record and his understanding of the importance of strengthening and preserving the traditional family, beliefs that are founded in his religious background and are modeled in his own family. His statement in his speech today about our rights coming from God, not government, is further evidence that he understands and appreciates, as did our Founding Fathers, what has made America great.

We trust this package of strong conservative principles and policies will remain as the central message of this Romney/Ryan ticket throughout the campaign, and should they win in November, throughout their administration.”


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