WFA ACTION ALERT!! Wisconsin Fall Primary Election TOMORROW – August 14

If you have not already voted early or by absentee ballot, we urge you to vote and vote your pro-family, pro-life, pro-freedom values tomorrow.  Here is some important information for you as you prepare to vote knowledgeably and responsibly:

  1. Everyone in the state will have the Republican US Senate primary on their ballots; and many will have state Assembly and state Senate primaries, as well.
  2. To see exactly what is on your ballot, click here.  Once on this screen, type in your address and follow the directions on the page.
  3. Click here to check out Wisconsin Family Action’s online voter guide.  Just click the link on the center of the home page.
  4. For a list of candidates Wisconsin Family Action PAC has endorsed in tomorrow’s primaries,click here.
  5. Do what you can to ensure that your friends and family members also vote.  Forwarding this email to them with your own note of encouragement would be an easy way to do that.

Remember that this will likely be a low-voter-turnout election.  That means your vote is extremely important and very powerful.  

We also encourage you to pray for the election, the candidates, and our current elected officials.

If  you have questions or need help, call our Wisconsin Family Action office at 866-849-2536.


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