WFA president Julaine Appling Deals Heavy Blow to Obamacare on Susan B. Anthony Tour

First stop, La Crosse, WI.

Haze over the Mississippi River greeted pro-life champions as they gathered at Riverside Park.  The Susan B. Anthony bus pulled up to an eagerly awaiting crowd holding signs stating “Tammy Baldwin Does Not Represent MY Values” and “Stop the HHS Mandate” on the “Abortion Is Not Healthcare Tour” this morning.  

Former Colorado state Senator and House Representative Marilyn Musgrave opened the tour, followed by Jill Stanek, a nurse with a deeply personal  and heart-wrenching testimony, WFA’s Julaine Appling who had the crowd affirming life with shouts and applause, Barb Lyons and Sue Armacost of Wisconsin Right to Life, as well as a representative from 40-Days-For-Life.

Below are the first pictures from the event. The bus is scheduled to arrive in Madison at James Madison Park, 500 E. Gorham Street at 1 p.m. where Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch will join the tour and speak out against the radical anti-life agenda of President Obama and Tammy Baldwin.

Wisconsin Family Action will continue to post updates throughout the day.  Videos will be posted of the event as well.  Check back often.  Join us on the tour as we continue on to Madison and Waukesha!



A woman kneels out of respect for the pro-life messages delivered on today’s SBA tour.


Who does Tammy Baldwin represent? Not US.


WFA President Julaine Appling delivers powerful speech denouncing President Obama/Tammy Baldwin anti-life track record.


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