ELECTION 2012: Do You Have Your 10? Ready, set, GO!

Wisconsin Family Action, in partnership with national groups American Family Association, Bott Radio, Point of View, and Heritage Alliance, has created a simple “toolbox” where you may easily enter your address, and the candidate information for your specific Wisconsin location will appear with helpful comparative information. Simply click on THIS LINK and read up on the presidential and vice-presidential candidates today! The full Voter Guide, with US Senate, US House, and State Senate & Assembly candidates, will be available October 15.

Take Action – GET OUT THE VOTE!

  • Invite others to the polls with you… Use our handy “Do You Have Your 10?” downloadable form and make your list TODAY!
  • Act as a church liaison – be the direct connection between your church family/pastors/leadership and provide helpful information for the upcoming election. Sign up HERE and be the vital link!

Wisconsin Family Action is available to you for any election-related question. If you need more information, please call us at 1-866-849-2536 or email us at info@wifamilyaction.org.


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