Wisconsin Family Action says…..THANK YOU!

It’s been quite a journey this 2012 Election.  Through it all, you have stood with Wisconsin Family Action (WFA).  Many of you have made phone calls, knocked on doors, handed out literature, contacted your church, attended events, developed your list of 10, prayed, financially invested in WFA and, importantly, voted.

We are so very grateful for everything you have done.  Thank you–a thousand times, thank you.  We could not have had the largest election effort this organization has ever undertaken without you.  Regardless of the outcome of the election, please know you really have made a difference.  Later we will let you know the breadth of what you were a part of; we think you’ll be impressed and encouraged.

As to the results of yesterday’s election, it is very clear that America and Wisconsin wrote another chapter in their history.  On the national level, among other things,
  • the American people re-elected a president who has consistently been against Christian principles and values and who seems to have no real regard for or understanding of true freedom.
  • Three states (Maine, Maryland, Washington) legalized so-called same-sex “marriage,”
  • One state (Minnesota) defeated an amendment that would have protected traditional one-man/one-woman marriage, and
  • Two states (Colorado, Washington) legalized “recreational” marijuana.
Wisconsin had the “distinction” of sending two openly-gay–and very proud of it–elected officials to Washington:  Tammy Baldwin to the US Senate and Mark Pocan to the US House of Representatives.The national picture and the federal-level races are one thing; but the state-level elections are something else–and are far more encouraging.

You and many other pro-family, pro-life, pro-liberty citizens cast your votes in this election for those state-level candidates who truly align with your values and beliefs, and we see this reflected in the election of 33 out of the 44 Wisconsin Family Action PAC (WFA-PAC) endorsed state-level candidates.  These are strong choices that will uphold the sanctity of life, protect our Constitutional freedoms, and work towards helping families become stronger and independent of government.

These victories are part of holding a conservative majority in our state Assembly (60 Republicans; 39 Democrats) and regaining a conservative majority in the state Senate (17 Republicans; 15 Democrats, with one vacancy in a very conservative district that will be filled in a special election, which means ultimately the split will be 18 Republicans and 15 Democrats.)

Regardless of the outcome of any of the elections, we know that God is still God and that He is still in control–of everything, even of those who were elected who defy Him and His truth.  In the midst of questions and some disappointment about yesterday, we at WFA have a calmness and a sure hope in the God we serve.  We sincerely hope that is true for you, as well.

Yesterday reminds us we have much work to do in Wisconsin and in America.  WFA is up to the task, in part because we know friends such as you are standing with us–and also because we know our work of strengthening and preserving marriage, family, life and liberty is more important now than ever.  We are not discouraged; we are already getting ready for the next round!

In addition, we are encouraged because we know that yesterday–

You and tens of thousands of other Wisconsin families value…

  • Life
  • Marriage as God ordained it
  • Traditional families
  • Religious liberty
YOUR VOTE said –
You and tens of thousands of other Wisconsin families support…
  • Strong candidates that share your core beliefs and Christian principles.
  • Your ability to exercise a Christian voice in the polling place.
  • The encouragement of job growth in Wisconsin, and across the nation.
  • Independence from government and the promotion of a strong family unit.
  • The protection of innocent life.
  • The preservation of individual liberties.
Thank you for using your voice and your vote to make a difference.
Wisconsin Family Action congratulates the pro-family, pro-life, pro-liberty candidates who won, and we look forward to working with them on policies that strengthen families in the days to come.  For the full PRESS RELEASE and a message from WFA President Julaine Appling, click HERE.

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