A Christmas Message from WFA: Hope for the Future

From the Wisconsin State Capitol:

As we enter into this most holy season of Christian celebration, WFA president Julaine Appling reflects on the birth of the Savior and the hope for future generations.


4 comments on “A Christmas Message from WFA: Hope for the Future

  1. edwardperkins2012 says:

    I hope many will join me in supporting WI Family Action and WI Family Council. WI needs what these two organizations provide, great support for our families. I hope you will spread the word concerning these two organizations and that you will join me in your financial support of them.

  2. Mr.& Mrs. James H. Walker says:

    My wife and I were watching the WFA video and thought it very nice, but what followed did disturb us.There were inappropriate pictures of videos to watch.

    • gmaziarka says:

      Thank you for contacting us. We appreciate your feedback and, more importantly, your concerns. WFA is not responsible for the advertisements or content associated with YouTube; however, we are looking into utilizing another avenue for the promotion of our materials.

  3. ted aarrestad says:

    Thank you for taking the bold stance for us and the kingdom of heaven. You are in my prayers.


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