Here in WISCONSIN: The Battle to Destroy God’s Plan for Marriage

The battle to destroy God’s plan for marriage continues right here in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Family Action received word last Friday that Branch 4 of the Wisconsin Supreme Court had issued a ruling on the court case that WFA president Julaine Appling and several WFA board members had filed against the statewide, same-sex-only domestic partnership registry (Appling v. Doyle).  The Court of Appeals’ ruling went against us–and against marriage, the WI constitution and the 1.25 million voters who in 2006 voted to protect marriage. (Click here to read our press release.)

To be clear: Wisconsin Family Action (WFA) is committed to standing for the true, life-giving, and only definition of marriage as the union of one man and one woman.  WFA has already consulted with our attorneys, and will appeal this ruling to the Wisconsin Supreme Court.   

While this case is very important, it is just one of the battles WFA is engaged with for marriage.  Fair Wisconsin, the state’s main pro-homosexual group, has made it very clear that in addition to supporting the domestic partnership registry, their real plan is to overturn the marriage amendment; in essence, destroy marriage as God has ordained it.  We know from experience they are able to very quickly get their false message to millions.

Julaine Appling, WFA president stated, “When you and I don’t provide pro-active resistance to their plans, those determined to destroy the foundational institution of marriage always make progress.”

As partners we are strong; YOU and WFA are able to do a great deal to thwart those plans.

Being involved in this issue and the other issues WFA deals with requires significant financial resources.  Lawsuits are costly but very necessary.  Public awareness campaigns aren’t cheap; but they too are important in strengthening, preserving, and promoting marriage in the Badger State. Advocating in the state legislature for marriage, family, life and liberty also comes with a price tag.  But it is a “must” if we are going to pass legislation that strengthens, preserves and promotes these core institutions.

Partner with us to make a difference.

Team up with WFA to preserve marriage in the state of Wisconsin.

Together we are strong.

Click HERE to learn how you can partner with WFA in this most critical work of standing strong for marriage.


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