What Liberals Say, and What Liberals Want: Children At Risk

Julaine Appling, Wisconsin Family Action President:

The common element in all the gun-control rhetoric is keeping people safe, especially young people.  We all say we want that.

In the midst of the cacophony of voices on this matter, I came across a report that was released just days after the Newtown massacre.  On December 20, 2012, the Bureau of Justice Statistics issued a report entitled “Violent Crime Against Youth, 1994-2010.”. It’s available online at www.bjs.gov. 

For the purposes of this report, youth is defined as an American from 12-17 years of age.  For our purpose, one of the most baseline findings in this government-sponsored report is that from 1994-2010, “serious violent crime” committed against youth by a perpetrator using a firearm dropped 95 percent.

That’s a pretty significant drop. Related to that is the finding that American youth who were victims of serious violent crime in 2010 were 6 times more likely to have been attacked by someone wielding a knife than someone wielding a gun.

Now here is where it gets really interesting.  On the home page of this report, one of the highlights is this:  “From 1994 to 2010, youth living with an unmarried head of household were generally more likely than youth living with a married head of household to be victims of violent crime.

During this period, the decline in serious violent crime was greater for youth in married households (down 86%) than the decline among youth in unmarried households (down 65%).”  So what do those numbers really look like?

The study shows that an “American youth” was 3.8 times more likely to become a victim of a serious violent crime if he or she lived in a home where the householder was unmarried than if the youth lived with his/her married parents.

Here are the raw numbers:  in 2010, 7.4 out of every 1000 youth living with their married moms and dads became the victims of a serious violent crime, while 27.8 out of every 1000 youth living with a single, unmarried parent became victims of a serious violent crime.

The clear picture is, once again, that the safest place for our young people is to be brought up in the homes of their married moms and dads.  Banning guns won’t do anything to fix broken families and absent fathers.  If we are serious about keeping children safe from violent crime, we need to rebuild families…now, not later.

On the flipside, this report also highlights that when marriage rates drop, and when divorce is terrifically easy and therefore very prolific, and when the government sanctions and demands taxpayers pay for unwed childbirth and single mothers, bad things happen. Tragically, sometimes that includes, seriously hurting or even killing a young person.

Instinctively and by anecdotal experience we know children are better off in every way when they live with their married mothers and fathers.  Beyond that, research from virtually every sociological study proves what we know.  This report is simply another corroboration of what we should all understand and of what we should all want.

Unfortunately, liberals who want to fundamentally change America refuse to believe what experience and research repeatedly affirms.  Why? Because in order to accomplish their agenda, they have to destroy the family unit—that unit that is fundamentally about the safety, security and future of children, nationally or individually.

They have to separate fathers from their children, pit moms and dads against each other, use children as pawns and bargaining chips so that values don’t get transmitted from one generation to another, so the truth about America isn’t conveyed to the next generation, so there is no loyalty, no devotion to our roots and our heritage.

Compound all of that with gun control and potential gun confiscation.  Apparently, the liberals are so devoted to their liberal agenda that they really are willing to put children at risk.  Obviously their “keep young people safe” mantra is just words, just empty words.


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