ImageWHAT’S THE BIG DEAL? MARRIAGE! Today kicks off National Marriage Month, and WFA will be celebrating traditional marriage all February long! We’ll have quotes, tips, polls, interesting facts, and more on our FACEBOOK.  We’ll be “tweeting” out interesting information and news regarding traditional marriage, as well!  (You can “follow” us on Twitter @WIFamilyAction!) Married or not, get ready to join in and affirm God’s gift of marriage between one man and one woman! We’ll start the celebration with WFA president Julaine Appling’s radio commentary “As the Family, So the State,” in which she explains why it is so important to encourage young people to get married, stay married, and remain independent of government.

“Independent families.  They are the backbone of our churches, our communities, our state and our nation.  Just what is an “independent family”?

Independent families are typically intact, mom-and-dad-headed homes, where the family members are not dependent on government entitlement programs for housing, education, transportation, food, or necessities such as diapers or formula for babies.  These families are making it on their own and are not looking to government to fund their lives.

Such families are Wisconsin’s and America’s best natural resource.  Our communities, state and nation have always been built squarely on these families—because they are strong and vital. These families don’t cost the taxpayers; they save taxpayers money. They pay into the system rather than taking from the system.  They positively exemplify the statement,  “As the family, so the state.”

Read the rest of the commentary HERE.


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