Press Release from Wisconsin Family Council:Image

 Governor Walker:  Marriage Is Good for Wisconsin

Issues proclamation in recognition of National Marriage Week

Madison— Governor Scott Walker recently issued a proclamation proclaiming February 7-14, 2013, as Marriage Week throughout the state of Wisconsin.  This proclamation is part of an international marriage week movement led by National Marriage Week USA and other organizations in sixteen countries across the world.  The purpose of this movement is to recognize and promote marriage as a great social and public good for individuals and society alike.

Julaine Appling, president of Wisconsin Family Council says, “Governor Walker’s proclamation rightly identifies the benefits of marriage and the costs of marital breakdown, not only for the men, women and children directly involved, but also for the entire state.”  The proclamation reads in part, “Marriage breakdown takes a toll on the emotional, physical and financial well-being of the entire family, and increases the public cost for human service programs.”

As Wisconsin’s marriage rate declines (20% in 20 years), the unmarried birth rate increases, with nearly 40% of all babies born in Wisconsin now born to unwed mothers.  That comes with a hefty price tag. For instance, currently, Medicaid pays for 45 percent of all births in this state.  In addition, the majority of children living in poverty live in single-parent households, the majority of which are involved with some form of government entitlement program.

On the benefit side, marriage greatly benefits society in numerous ways, but especially because, as the Governor says, it “connects fathers and mothers to their children” and “creates the safest place for children to flourish.”   Social science research has repeatedly shown that married moms and dads raising their children together is the best possible environment for children’s safety and positive physical, mental and emotional development.

“If we are serious about putting Wisconsin’s fiscal house in order, then we must immediately take steps to strengthen and preserve marriage and family.  Having Governor Walker publicly recognize marriage as a critical foundational institution for our state is encouraging for the future of our state. We are very grateful for the Governor’s strong proclamation and look forward to his championing and the legislature enacting legislation that will encourage and reward marriage.  We have much to gain from such an approach and much to lose if we don’t take advantage of every opportunity to bolster this institution in the Badger State,” noted Appling.

To find out more about National Marriage Week visit

Click here to read Governor Scott Walker’s 2013 Marriage Week Proclamation


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