WFA Signs On with 41 Allies – Ad in USA Today to Boy Scouts of America

From Family Research Council:


WASHINGTON, D.C. – FamilyResearch Council (FRC) and 41 allied organizations ran an ad today in USA Today urging the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) to stay true to their timeless values and not surrender to financial or political pressures by corporate elites on the issue of homosexuality. BSA is considering changing its long-standing policy prohibiting openly homosexual members and leaders.

Among the groups signing onto the ad are the American Family Association, American Values, Bott Radio Network, Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute, International Communion of Evangelical Churches, Liberty Counsel, Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, Patriot Voices, and a number of state family policy organizations.

The organization decided last July, following a two-year study, and because of the opinions of a “vast majority of parents” of Boy Scout members, that the policy would not be changed. BSA has since reconsidered and will release their decision about the policy on Wednesday.

The ad states that a policy change would be “a grave mistake” and that, “Every American who believes in freedom of thought and religious liberty should be alarmed by the attacks upon the Boy Scouts,” whose oath includes that members should be “morally straight.” The ad emphasizes that, “To compromise moral principles under political and financial pressure would teach the boys cowardice, not courage.”

The ad highlights BSA’s policy of recognizing the right of parents to teach their children about sexual topics. The ad concludes by challenging readers to ask themselves, “How will parents be able to entrust their children to the Boy Scouts if they trade the well-being of the boys for corporate dollars?”

To see a copy of the ad and the complete list of co-signed organizations, click here:


3 comments on “WFA Signs On with 41 Allies – Ad in USA Today to Boy Scouts of America

  1. It’s reprehensible to deny someone the ability to be a scout or scout leader simply because of their sexual orientation. I am glad nonsense such as this is fast becoming a thing of the past in spite of the shrill histrionics of groups whose agenda is based on animus towards fellow citizens.

  2. Bea says:

    Pentagon to extend benefits to gays like they’re regular people

    Which they are, of course. Think about what you are opposing. It’s really inhuman. What are you afraid of?

  3. KK says:

    The Boy Scouts have a 100-year old code of conduct based on biblical principles that do not change with political correctness. No one is stopping those who want to have gay scouts and leaders from doing so – more power to them – but they should form their own, new organization instead of using corporate shills to try blackmailing the Scouts into acquiescing. That’s real diversity: when there is room for multiple organizations who are each allowed to operate without coercion.

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