WFA’s Julaine Appling: Mining Is Good for Wisconsin’s Best Natural Resource

Press release issued by WFA 02/08/2013:

Environmentally responsible mining bill bodes well for Wisconsin families

MADISON— Wisconsin Family Action President Julaine Appling released the following statement in support of Senate Bill 1/Assembly Bill 1, the bill addressing mining application procedures and regulations in Wisconsin.

“When Wisconsin’s families are independent of government, they are strong and our state is strong. When our families are dependent on government, they are weak and our state is weak. Legislation that legitimately and responsibly promotes independent Wisconsin families should be welcomed by all.

“Senate Bill 1/Assembly Bill 1 provides for environmentally responsible mining in our state. Experts tell us that the provisions in the bill ensure our state’s natural resources will be appropriately protected. More importantly, this proposal that opens the door for mining to return to Northern Wisconsin protects Wisconsin’s most important natural resource, bar none—our traditional families.

“To become or to remain independent of government, families must have jobs and sufficient income to adequately support the family unit. Northern Wisconsin has been especially hard-hit by the economic crisis we are still experiencing in this state, and that means the families in that area are struggling to remain or to become independent of government. But it isn’t just Northern Wisconsin families that would benefit from mining operations. All of the ancillary and related businesses that support this industry would also profit, potentially hiring more employees and thereby helping even more families to remain or become independent of government.

“Strong, independent family units pay taxes, invest, buy homes, volunteer in their communities, and in general contribute to the overall prosperity of Wisconsin. It is in our state’s best interest to strengthen, preserve and increase the number of these families. That is why Wisconsin Family Action supports this responsible mining bill and urges its passage and enactment, thereby opening the door for mining job-creators to come to and invest in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin’s best natural resource will certainly be well served by such a move, which means the entire state will benefit.”


2 comments on “WFA’s Julaine Appling: Mining Is Good for Wisconsin’s Best Natural Resource

  1. Trina Anderson says:

    [While we encourage open discussion on our posts, WFA reserves the right to edit inflammatory comments. Name-calling, insults and other inappropriate language will not be tolerated.] When Wisconsin’s families have water polluted by sulfides, how does that make them stronger? When permitting processes are rushed and environmental laws ignored, how are the families of Wisconsin helped? Who are these “experts” that you claim are saying that our natural resources will be protected? The experts at Clean Wisconsin disagree, even the president of the Wisconsin Mining Association himself disagrees with this bill and warns it would be bad to pass a bill that defies federal mining regulations… Without our natural resources their would be no people resources. Without trees, no air. Without water, nothing to give our children to drink. [Portion deleted.] There is NO job in Wisconsin that is worth jeoporadizing our future generation’s health and wellbeing over. Can this mining bill be passed with proper environmental protections? Yes. Are we there yet? No. For you to throw around these falsehoods as fact is unethical. God wanted us to take care of his planet, not rape it. Please be more responsible in your reporting.

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