Wisconsin Family Action-PAC Endorses 98th Assembly Candidates Tarantino/Morzy

WFA-PAC press release 02/13/2013:

State Pro-Family PAC Announces Candidate Endorsements in 98th Assembly Race

Madison, WI – Wisconsin Family Action PAC (WFA-PAC) recently endorsed the following two 98th Assembly candidates for the February 19, 2013 primary election.

                                                                        Jeanne Tarantino

                                                                        Matt Morzy

Following is a statement from Julaine Appling, WFA PAC director:

“We are very pleased to endorse candidates who recognize the importance of Wisconsin’s best natural resource—her traditional families—and who realize that our state’s well-being is closely tied to the strength of this resource. These are candidates who will, in both policy and practice, work to help ensure that our families become or remain independent of government.  That means they will be introducing and supporting legislation that will continue to shore up Wisconsin’s fiscal situation by removing unnecessary business regulations, balancing the budget, and in general clearing the way for the private sector to create more family-sustaining jobs.  We are confident these candidates will strengthen and preserve the core values of marriage, family, life and liberty; we thank them for running and wish them the best in the February 19 primary.”

WFA PAC endorses and supports candidates who strengthen and preserve marriage, family, life and liberty in Wisconsin.


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