Wisconsin Family Action Files with 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Grote v Sebelius

Press release from Wisconsin Family Action 02/27/2013:

Wisconsin Family Action Files Friend of Court Brief on 

HHS Contraceptive Mandates

Pro-family group files with 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Grote v. Sebelius

MADISON— Wisconsin Family Action late yesterday filed a friend of the court brief in Grote v. Sebelius, a case in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit dealing with the federal abortion pill mandate.

This federal mandate requires that employee health plans, with some limited exceptions, include FDA-approved contraception, even “contraception” that can result in the death of a human embryo. Many religious business owners oppose being forced to facilitate contraception—particularly abortifacients—that are contrary to their religious conscience.

The government has been arguing vigorously that corporations don’t have the right to exercise religion.

Julaine Appling, president of Wisconsin Family Action, notes, “WFA lays out in this brief the legal and philosophical reasons supporting the position that First Amendment religious liberty is not just for purely religious organizations but is also for for-profit corporations run by people who have closely held religious beliefs. The federal government should not be violating the religious freedom of these business owners by mandating that they purchase health insurance that includes abortifacient drugs and even sterilization procedures for their employees.”

Read the brief here.


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