Drag Shows And Days of Silence

Commentary from WFA president Julaine Appling:

“The headline lept off the computer screen at me, “DRAG SHOW” at the UW Fox Valley.  I was a bit surprised by the announcement but truly was expecting to see pictures of colorful drag racing cars displayed on the attached flyer. Boy, was I wrong.The “drag show” being promoted for this month at the UW Fox Valley is all about openly homosexual men dressed in drag—and putting on a show.  And it isn’t just at the UW Fox Valley. The show has made its way around the state at various UW System schools.This disgusting, decidedly unwholesome so-called “show” is sponsored by the UW Fox Valley Campus Activities Board, in association with the UW Fox Gay Straight Alliance, the Student Activities Office and the Theater Department.  Prominently displayed on the advertising poster is the UW Fox Valley logo.  Of course, even with all these UW Fox Valley groups and the logo on the advertising, the UW Fox Valley administration denies any sanctioning or endorsement of the event.In a TV interview I did on this issue, the reporter mentioned to me that when he called the UW Fox Valley, he was told that area high school students were also going to be involved for the, well, “theater experience.”  So it’s not enough that college students are being told this raunch and filth is all about “diversity,” now we are exposing high school students to this open and very well publicized endorsement and promotion of homosexuality with truly “queer” behavior—meaning, men dressed in women’s clothing.

All of this is about the homosexual agenda. Please do not miss that.  This so-called “entertainment” sanctioned by so many school groups is about promoting homosexuality, making it look like fun, safe behavior.  It is most definitely not safe.

But this is just the most recent and most glaring example of the promotion of this agenda.

Other examples abound—like the Day of Silence that will be in almost every Wisconsin public high school and many junior highs.This now-annual event is proudly—pun intended—sponsored by GLSEN, the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network, that has been quietly—and sometimes not so quietly—invading schools and brainwashing students for years now.  On GLSEN’s “Day of Silence” web site, the group clearly announces its agenda: “Championing LGBT Issues in K-12 Education Since 1990.”  In case you don’t know, LGBT stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender.  That’s what GLSEN has been championing in our public schools for 23 years.

This year’s nationwide “Day of Silence” is Friday, April 19.  That’s when students who have been duped by the lies of those promoting the homosexual agenda will take a vow of silence, wear armbands proclaiming their solidarity with the activists and distribute cards explaining their silence.  Students are told that this is about bringing awareness to the “anti-LGBT name-calling, bullying and harassment” that they allege takes place in schools.

The truth is that this concocted and cleverly promoted “Day of Silence” is really about the same thing as the Drag Show.  It’s about promoting homosexuality and the homosexual agenda.  If you read the materials put out by GLSEN, the Gay Straight Alliances and other groups that are “championing” homosexuality in our schools, you quickly get the picture.  Oh, they couch virtually everything in terms of safety; but as you look more closely you realize everything is really about making homosexual behavior seem normal and natural—and often even preferred over heterosexual behavior.

GLSEN and the Gay Straight Alliances prey on young people who are already in a tough time of their lives.  These groups come along offering acceptance and then basically push young people into believing they were “born that way” and that makes them actually, from the pro-homosexual perspective, in a rather elite group.

Drag Shows and Days of Silence are not healthy, helpful, or wholesome; they are concerted efforts by people who are seeking to advance their unhealthy, unwholesome, and, yes, according to God’s Word, sinful, behavior. Fighting this well-funded, well-promoted, well-orchestrated agenda is not easy.  But as we individually get informed, we can individually determine we will not be silent and we can help protect those who are the most vulnerable from being dragged into this very dangerous agenda.”


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