Are You Bible Illiterate? –What Christians Believe About Marriage

“I just don’t think the Bible condemns homosexuality.  As long as two people love each other, I think they should be able to get married.  Same-sex marriage is going to happen. There’s nothing we can do to stop it.”  “In the early days of the bible, God needed everyone to populate the earth; we don’t need that anymore.  Children just aren’t the issue. Plus the Bible isn’t meant to be taken literally. So, I see nothing wrong with people of the same sex who love each other and are committed to each getting married. Who are we to tell people who they can love?”
“Well, even if the government legalizes same-sex marriage—which is pretty much inevitable—so deal with it, that doesn’t mean pastors will be forced to marry anyone they don’t want to.” Tragically I have heard all of these and more very recently from people who say they are Christians—some from people I personally know to be born-again, Bible-believing saints of God and even from some recent Bible-college graduates.
This commentary is an urgent appeal to all Christians to get back to the Bible—and not some liberal translation or paraphrase.  Use a version that is considered by conservative scholars to be a solid word-for-word translation. Biblical illiteracy isn’t a problem among non-Christians. It is rapidly becoming a serious problem among true believers.  If it isn’t illiteracy among believers, then it is an even more serious problem—an unwillingness to believe what we read in the Bible and to obey its clear teachings.
This commentary is also an appeal to preachers.  If we have people sitting in our pews each service—and we do—who are not rock-solid on what marriage is, something is wrong. Preach the Word.  Preach it clearly; don’t pull punches. Don’t skirt the issue; hit it head on.  Scripture rightly divided makes it very clear what marriage is—from Genesis on. You are competing with powerful influences in today’s culture for the hearts and minds of your people—and likely many people in your church have been totally brainwashed in our public schools on this issue.  Beyond that, your future may depend on it.
Last week, the Supreme Court of the United States heard two cases dealing with marriage.  On Tuesday the high court had oral arguments on what has become known as Prop 8, a constitutional amendment passed in 2008 in California by a 52%-48% margin, clearly stating that in that state marriage is strictly between one man and one woman. The amendment has been in court almost from the moment the people approved it.
On Wednesday last week, the Supreme Court held oral arguments for a lawsuit that alleges the federal Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional.  Congress passed this law with strong bi-partisan support in 1996 and it was signed into law by then-president Bill Clinton.  It basically says for federal government purposes, only marriage between one man and one woman will be legal and states have the right to pass laws that clearly protect them from having to recognize marriages from other states that violate their laws.
These are not inconsequential cases.  If the majority of the high court believes as some Christians say they do, and as the director of the National Lesbian and Gay Task Force does, that marriage as God designed it is not unique, is not only about love and commitment and is not about the next generation, and is open for any kind of redefinition we want to have, look out.
A sweeping decision that overturns DOMA and overturns with nationwide implications Prop 8, would have very serious, very long-term consequences, including major encroachment on religious freedom.  If marriage is redefined to include persons of the same sex, then pastors will ultimately be told you either agree to marry these folks or you are authorized to marry no one.  It’s already happening in places such as Canada where marriage has been nationally redefined.
If Christians will not defend, preserve, promote, stand up for, speak up for God’s plan for marriage—a plan that is foundational to any society—who will? I’m not talking about being mean or hateful; I’m talking about being Biblical and Christ-like. I’m talking about fearing God, not fearing man. I’m talking about standing for what is right with grace and love but standing firmly and with purpose.  Plenty of people who think Christianity is just a bunch of myths and fairytales are ready to redefine marriage.  It’s time—and maybe way past time—that Christians begin defending and championing the institution that God designed for His glory and our good.  Who is on the Lord’s side?”

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