So-called “Adult Film Star” to Explain Why P*rnography is “healthy” for UW-Madison Students

UW-Madison school-sponsored club is more than your average

“support and education” group.  

WARNING:  Some (most) links contain sexually inappropriate information.


On Thursday, April 18, “Sex Out Loud,” whose parent organization is identified as UW-Madison, has invited an “adult film star” to speak to students about the benefits of p*rnography.

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The group doesn’t stop there.  On the Sex Out Loud website, there are numerous programs listed – some that involve “self pleasure,” “sex toys,” and another disturbing so-called class entitled KINK which includes “rope tying and impact play” or, as the website calls it, BDSM (bondage and discipline, and sadomasochism).

The “About Us” page of Sex Out Loud touts a prophylactic mascot and there is a list of paid employment openings that are most likely funded by Wisconsin’s taxpayers.

The Sex Out Loud student-led group must surely be a Planned Parenthood sweetheart as they proclaim all sorts of information and assistance with contraception. Of course, the “A” word is never mentioned (abstinence).

Sex Out Loud is exactly that – loud.  They appear to be loudly proclaiming that sex before marriage is a joke, that intimacy is a game, and sex is not the unique and special gift that God intended it to be for our pleasure within marriage and the procreation of His people.

The UW System should be ashamed of the message they are sending to the youth of our state, and the future of our country, by sponsoring a perverted, distorted, contemptible and immoral “club” such as Sex Out Loud.


2 comments on “So-called “Adult Film Star” to Explain Why P*rnography is “healthy” for UW-Madison Students

  1. Dave says:

    STDs at an epidemic rate and it doesn’t seem to occur to these folks that it might just be connected in some way with their promotion of irresponsible sexual activity. When you suppress truth in your life, you willingly believe and promote any number of lies. Sad and tragic — for them and for everyone they influence.

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