UW-Madison Opposes Pro-Life Bill LRB0143/2

In Wisconsin, Rep. Andre Jacque recently introduced pro-life bill LRB0143/2 which prohibits the acquisition and utilization of “fetal body parts” from aborted babies.  This bill is being opposed by the University of Wisconsin – Madison as they state the babies will be discarded anyway and the research “fosters significant economic development”  in the state of Wisconsin.

UW-Madison Press Release Opposing Pro-Life Bill


2 comments on “UW-Madison Opposes Pro-Life Bill LRB0143/2

  1. UW makes money and headlines from murder of Babies Lord have mercy Father forgive them they know not what they do

  2. I wonder if those supporting the use of these dead people’s bodies for research would like it if WE the PEOPLE ask that medical profession start using their loved ones for research?? I’ve seen a cadaver that has been studied by medical students and it isn’t pretty. The family in that case WILLINGLY donated their loved one for that purpose, I am willing to bet that the “mothers” of these aborted babies would not allow this to their child, especially if they saw how well developed the baby was at termination/murder. The UW system will never have one of my children to teach their death without conscience to.

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