Tiny Feet and Tiny Heads With FACES

On Sunday, March 4, 2001, the Madison-based Wisconsin State Journal ran a gut-wrenching article about Dennis Christensen, at that time a well-known Madison abortionist. As I read this week of the ongoing trial of Kermit Gosnell, the heinous abortionist and baby murderer in Philadelphia, I couldn’t help making the comparison.
By his own admission, Christensen killed somewhere between 80,000 and 100,000 babies as an abortionist, some who were as old as 24 weeks.  Of course, the article said Christiansen “aborted fetuses.”  The truth is that he killed innocent human life—the most innocent of all human life—an unborn baby.  Gosnell and the few mainstream media reports that we’ve seen try to use the same non-human, scientific term to cover up the reality of human life.
The title of the 2001 article pretty well summed up what the Christensens and Gosnells of this country think: “Women need control over birth choice, physician says,” That’s a pretty clear indication of their rationalization.  When asked if a so-called fetus has any rights to its body, Christensen responded, “Not until it’s born.”  Tragically, Gosnell didn’t even agree with that.  Gosnell, according to testimony, murdered at least 8 babies who survived a botched abortion.
To do what Gosnell did and even what Christensen did, these men have to convince themselves that the woman seeking the abortion is the only one who has rights.  The minute any abortionist admits that life begins at conception and that the unborn baby has rights, they have to close up shop.  They must also see dollar signs rather than unmistakable signs of human life.
In this more-than-a-decade old article, the writer tries hard to let the reader see Christensen as your average family man—married, with children. a church-going pillar of the community, well-liked by the 15 staff members who were employed at the Madison Abortion Clinic.
Sometimes in the midst of the pro-life fray, we forget that people who perform abortions really are people.  They are people whose minds and hearts are darkened.  Even men like Gosnell and Christensen have a heart—and that’s what we need to try to reach.  Beyond that, we also must remember that even abortionists have souls— souls that need to know the redemption offered in Jesus Christ.
ImageI confess, however, when it comes to people such as Gosnell and Christiansen, I really wonder if these people have a heart.  I know my heart broke as I read this article years ago and still remember reading the caption to the picture of Christensen and his equipment: “In the foreground is a vacuum used to suction uterine contents.”  What an effort to be politically correct and medically sterile.  “Uterine contents”—what a nonhuman description of a human baby.   Tears welled as I read about Christensen pouring the “uterine contents” into a straining basin and picking up a tiny foot and measuring it with a ruler.   And the tears flowed as I read of his holding a tiny head and saying, “The face looks like what it is, the human fetus.  You can talk yourself into putting whatever value you want on it.”
And the tears came unbidden again as I read the horrific reports on Gosnell, the babies he killed, the women who died in his care, and the horrible condition of his facility.  All of these babies had tiny feet and tiny heads with faces, too.
Much has been made about why the mainstream media has not covered the trial of Kermit Gosnell.  I contend that writing about it in any kind of truthful journalism would require humanizing the victims—recognizing the tiny feet and tiny heads with faces.  It would require facing up to the unsanitary conditions, the blatant racial discrimination and ghoulish collections Gosnell tolerated and probably fostered at his facility.  Such reporting would require giving a response to the question that begs to be asked, “So what happened to the safe abortions we were told would happen once we had abortion-on-demand?”  Mainstream media cannot tolerate the tiny feet and tiny heads with faces that are the truth of abortion.  Once they are confronted with the truth that these are tiny people, they too are overwhelmed with the brutality of this procedure.  Silence is safer than the truth for those who fear the truth.
Thankfully both Dennis Christensen and Kermit Gosnell are out of the abortion business, with both their facilities shut down.  However, I can’t help but believe that these men are haunted in the long and dark nights by the ghosts of tiny feet and tiny heads with faces of the babies they killed, just the sort of nightmare mainstream journalists are trying so pathetically hard to avoid.

One comment on “Tiny Feet and Tiny Heads With FACES

  1. sara says:

    Thank you for writing this!!! Life is a miracle… we need to treasure it!!!!

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