POTUS MAKES HISTORY! Formally praises/backs Planned Parenthood “Services”

“He encouraged those gathered to continue fighting for abortion rights. ‘You’ve also got a president who is going to be right there with you, fighting every step of the way,’ Obama said.”

ImageFOR THE FIRST TIME IN AMERICAN HISTORY a sitting U.S. president spoke before a Planned Parenthood group, vowing to be a comrade-in-arms, praising them for their “services” to women.  He referred to pro-life policies with words that mocked traditional values and insinuated an “old-fashioned” mindset.  Time and again, the President referred to the killing of innocent unborn babies as a woman’s “right.”

Wisconsin Family Action vehemently opposes the President’s statements at today’s Planned Parenthood event, and works unrelentingly to strengthen, defend and preserve marriage, family, life and liberty in the state of Wisconsin.  We are currently working with legislators on pro-life initiatives, including the Personhood Amendment, which will protect life for ALL Americans, born and unborn.


2 comments on “POTUS MAKES HISTORY! Formally praises/backs Planned Parenthood “Services”

  1. Nice post, i will share with my friends.

  2. John says:

    WOW, cool Mr. President- Good thing you Mother didn’t have a similar mindset, or you would have ceased to exist! May GOD FORGIVE YOU for blessing an organization that destroys approx. 300,000 babies/year! If he only knew what it was like to be close to someone who has sacrificed their child to abortion- he would understand the scars that exist LONG AFTER the baby’s life has been terminated! He is the ONLY standing president to address planned parenthood and the ONLY senator (Junior) to vote against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, that was passed by bi-partisan support -on both the state and federal levels, to keep abortionists from killing babies after an attempted abortion, like our friend Dr. Gosnell!

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