Julaine Appling on Marriage “Can I Get a Witness?”

From the desk of WFA president Julaine Appling:

ImageHolly Peterson and Pete Thompson both said “I do” and became Mr. and Mrs. Pete Thompson this past Saturday. It was a glorious day of celebration, a day of a little girl’s dreams coming true with her beautiful Victorian garden theme, complete with an afternoon tea served by a great wait staff to over 250 witnesses who had come to the church wedding at the request of the bride and groom.

Yes, I said witnesses, not guests. We witnessed Holly, the bride, the woman, and Pete, the groom, the man—just to be clear here—entering into a contract with one another and with God—a lifelong, exclusive contract.  In fact, I signed a guest book attesting that I was a witness to their vows.

Really, this was an incredible wedding. It’s one of the very few I have been to where the focus was deliberately on the Lord Jesus Christ and others, not exclusively on the bride and groom.  Now, admittedly, Holly is a very special young woman. I have known her almost since the day she was born and I love her and her siblings dearly.  And, of course, that kind of predisposes me to love the man God gave her, Pete.  But that bias doesn’t completely undo my objectivity in witnessing this marriage.

Pete and Holly from the day of their engagement made it clear they wanted a wedding that clearly presented the Gospel and magnified and glorified the Lord.  So, they structured their special day to do just that, right down to the details.

Along the way, this young couple was reminded, as were all the witnesses, that marriage, as God designed it, shows in a very vivid way Christ’s relationship with His bride, the church.  Some theologians believe that’s the main reason God ordained human marriage—to be the best possible earthly picture of how important the church is to Christ.  That right there should remove all doubt from Christians’ minds that marriage can ever be rightly redefined to be anything other than what God has ordained it—one man and one woman in a monogamous lifetime relationship.  (continued)

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