Wausau’s First “Gay Pride Parade” Targets TEENS

ImageUPDATE 6/21/2013:  CANCELLED!

A California man (who owns property in Wausau) is putting $15,000 of his own money into a so-called “gay pride” parade scheduled to take place in Wausau on June 22, complete with drag show.  The parade is specifically geared to draw in “teens and young people” in the hopes of aiding them in “coming out.”

“Our experience with homosexual parades is that they’re nothing more than a display of

Imageimmorality and propaganda,” said Wisconsin Family Action president Julaine Appling, “This Wausau group is specifically targeting teens, which sends exactly the wrong message to our young people.  The citizens of Wausau need to let their elected officials know their opinion about this parade.”

Wausau City Council members with contact information are listed HERE.

Wausau Mayor James E. Tipple’s contact information may be found HERE.


19 comments on “Wausau’s First “Gay Pride Parade” Targets TEENS

  1. Katie Reichwald says:

    Wisconsin does NOT need more Gay junk out on display. We don’t run thru town yelling what our sexual preferences are. If they are going to be immoral let them keep it to themselves. Teens have it tough enough without people telling them they may be gay an it’s ok. They are NOT born that way. It is a choice.

    • Ted Davis says:

      And if you think its a choice Katie you are severely mistaken. You dont know so keep your comments to yourself! Thanks

  2. Ted Davis says:

    In no way does the Heart of Wisconsin Pride or the wausau pride committee have anything to do with this. As far as OZ bar of wausau they dont either. Thanks!

  3. Wisconsin Family Action says:

    Clarification (see above comment by Ted Davis): Heart of Wisconsin Pride, Wausau Pride Committee and OZ Bar are homosexual organizations/establishments within Wausau.

  4. Shannon says:

    I think that quietly emailing Wausau City Officials is fine, but if we make a big fuss about it, it will only draw more attention to their event. I fear that the national media would get involved and make our wonderful community out to be “small town, small minded bigots” or something to that affect. I feel that Wausau is a great diverse tight knit community and we are kind to everyone. This type of event is something that divides; we do not need to have a parade/drag show. Obviously for my own moral reasons I disagree with it. But also, this guy from CA makes us out to be this little hick town that doesn’t accept or isn’t kind to the gay community. That is not true. As Christians we are kind to everyone. Just because we do not accept/support the parade and drag show does not mean that we do not accept the individual person.
    Thanks for the clarification Ted Davis!

    • Ted Davis says:

      Thanks and that’s just it to…. there is no drag show. He rented the 400 block and has this huge elaborate plan. I honestly think its all a hoax. What’s in the parade… no idea. A member of the committee actually met with him and he had no details.

  5. D MISE says:

    i am curious………if “Heart of Wis Pride” or the “Wausau pride committee” or the “OZ bar” have nothing to do with this………….then WHO has organized it other than this one man from California?
    Can he not keep his gay pride in his own state and leave Wausau alone?

    • Ted Davis says:

      Thats exactly it! It was just happening! He posted posters and done. It was happening. I dont know how but it is. Sheriff department and city hall has no recognition of this so it weary.

    • C. Linguist says:

      I’m not sure where you’re hearing that no one in Wausau is involved, but I know of several local groups that are marching, although most are groups with high numbers of young people.

  6. SHAME on Wausau. I thought you were a town with morals ! Not keen on Mayor Tipple, you are selling us down the river of immorality by promoting such crap.

  7. D Hoeye says:

    Maybe this does need to get out where all in the community know this is happening, so all can voice their opinion and all residents can have a say. If it hasn’t been put out there for all to know about, why not. I have seen video of a part of another Gay Pride Parade that was put online by American Family Association, to show people what really happens in these parades and I was sickened by what I saw. Obscene and lewd acts are not a parade. And if others behaved that way in public, they would be arrested.

  8. Hi I am Bob from Stevens Point. Because our God says the gay,lesbian life stlye is an abomination unto His sight. We are to stand firm against it as can. God does’ not teach we need harm, dedrade any sinner. For we are all sinners. But we have accepted Jesus and from this we know mercy,forgiveness. He calls us to be disciples. Therefore we need stand on every corner with Bible verses,. Do not incounter any in the parade. Unless they act friendly. But do not repond if they confront for the cameras. Be silent in your faith and it will shout in Heaven. Unite on the day of the parade. With Love and knowleage, you are in the right. God Bless America. Where is the gay communities tolerance for us??

  9. One last thought. a fellow member of church .Has an anti same sex bumper sticker. She is in her 70’s. Two lesbeians’ started to banter her with volgure language as finger signs. Then started to kiss! What filthy minds some gays have that because a person of moral values. Is around. They think they need force themselves ,opinion in public. So gays believe they can force an opinion but you don’t have a right to have one?? Thats’ tolerance?? You can be kind to others ,but depends on their life stlye that one socialize with that person. Shannon, would you hang with a child murder? A rappist? All can repent. If a gay erson repents then yes we can socialize . till then, no!

    • Shannon says:

      No I would not ‘hang’ with a child murderer or rapist. I do not feel the same as you that I cannot socialize with a gay person. I do NOT accept the gay lifestyle. I know that it is not a choice they make to be gay, but a choice they make to act on their attraction to the same sex. I believe in the doctrine that Catholicism teaches on being gay. That being said, I do not believe the best way to go about things is to get in their faces with signs. That does not open the door to conversation. Al it does is slam it in their face that you are judging them. That job belongs to God alone. I do not condone sin, but I do not throw someone’s sin in their face. I pray to God, because He can do all. God has the power to speak to someone’s heart far better than I ever could. The power of prayer is far greater than any sign being held. I have gay family members. I love them because they are good people. I pray for them because they are sinners, just like the rest of us. My job is to show them love as Christ would. “Those without sin, cast the first stone”, let’s not forget Jesus hung out with liars, cheats, thieves, and prostitutes. Certainly you can disagree with me, and that’s fine. I won’t be at the parade, I won’t be supporting it, I will be either at home or in my Church praying.

  10. Shannon says:

    Check out the article in the Wausau Daily Herald. They posted the story last Saturday night in their online edition. I can’t think of her first name, but some Rassmussen lady on the Wausau City Council said they approved the event, but that this gentleman was responsible for working in coordination with the police department for security/traffic control. Obviously if you’re having a parade from Marathon Park to the 400 Block on a Saturday it is going to have a large impact on traffic. I feel like the city was pressured into saying yes out of fear of what would happen if they said no, since this is the first event of it’s kind. I say treat everyone the same…no details or plan…no parade.

    • Shannon It is sad that in America, one is pressured into allowing immoral events to take place.To stand for ones faith is not being a bigot homophlobic. They need read the real meaning of homophobic.Thus we need unite and stand against same sex marriage domestic partners so on. By voting as God would want you to. Don’t throw a fit because gays want that. They are the bullies! Just stand and smile at one, that erks them more! Don’t show them anger, they feed on that to the cameras. Show love and they don’t know how to act. too many gays’ in front of me have acted so. I just smiled and held my sign!

  11. Shannon To sit silent from sin, does nothing.The Jesus i know confronted the scribes, rulers of the day. As some false ministers. as stated, we are not to judge the person rather the sin. Thats why it reads. Take the log out of your own eye before removing the twig from your brothers. We are called to rightteous judgement. we do not attack the individual. It is a man made lie, God loves every one as is! Why then HELL!! To many back down from sin because they don’t want others to see them as judgemental. Jesus kicked every one out of the temple. God will return in vengance and fire. A sign is better then a hussle on ones mouth. Every one bring sings and smile. God is with you. to be silent, is why this is happening in america! Join the fight, we do in peace .As long as Jesus is your personal savior.

    • Shannon says:

      Well I respectfully disagree with you. I think the better point is that Jesus is the judge and the One with right to do so. Jesus kicked those out of the temple, not the disciples. I am not backing down from sin, I just believe the better way to do it is by prayer. To each their own.

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