Jacque/Lazich Introduce “Choose Life” License Plates for Wisconsin




Last week, Rep. André Jacques (R-DePere) and Sen. Mary Lazich (R-New Berlin) introduced a bill last week that would establish a “Choose Life” license plate in Wisconsin. The plate has a birth certificate foot print on it and the words, “Choose Life.” Proceeds from the sale of this plate will go to Wisconsin’s Pregnancy Resource Centers to assist in their life-affirming work.  NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin strongly opposes the plates.

WFA president Julaine Appling says, “We love the Choose Life Wisconsin license plate. What a great way to spread the pro-life message and also assist in funding our wonderful pregnancy resource centers.  You know you are on to something good when the pro-abortion groups are upset.”

Wisconsin Family Action and Pro-Life Wisconsin have already set up the bylaws of Choose Life Wisconsin, Inc., which will disburse the proceeds from the sale of the license plates to crisis pregnancy centers for adoption assistance.  Fees will include the normal license plate charge plus an additional charge of $15 for the specialty “Choose Life” plates, with an additional yearly $25 fee that provides funds to Choose Life Wisconsin, Inc.

Appling further stated, “Wisconsin Family Action will continue to work diligently with legislators to pass this pro-life bill that encourages adoption as viable option for women struggling with unplanned pregnancies.”

>>>>>read the bill here


2 comments on “Jacque/Lazich Introduce “Choose Life” License Plates for Wisconsin

  1. Jane Sampe says:

    Thank you for your courage and persistence in supporting pro-life–as someone who had three miscarriages (but am blessed with two wonderful daughters, too), I have a deep appreciation for life. I astounds me no end that people can spend millions to save animals and birds, but have no compunction about killing babies!

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