WFA Responds to Newly Passed Wisconsin Budget

Press Release from Wisconsin Family Action 6/21/2013:

On Whole, New Budget Good for Wisconsin Families……

MADISON, Wis. — With the State Senate and State Assembly having passed the state budget and sent it to the Governor for vetoes and signing, Wisconsin Family Action president Julaine Appling issued the following statement.

“We have repeatedly said and we continue to stand by the truth that Wisconsin is only as strong as her traditional families.

Those critical mom-and-dad families are strongest when they are independent of government, when they are able to use and save more of their own hard-earned money and when they have educational options for their children.

ImageBy and large, this newly passed budget helps families remain or become independent of government, reduces taxes for the vast majority and increases educational options for many. Anytime a budget cuts taxes, flattens the tax brackets, streamlines the tax code and expands school choice options, that’s good for Wisconsin’s best natural resource—her traditional families—and that makes it very good for Wisconsin.

We are disappointed that nothing was done in this budget to eliminate the ‘marriage tax penalty’ that has built up over the years in the tax code. This inequity must be addressed and soon. We need to do everything we can to encourage people to marry, not penalize them financially for getting married. Statistics and research show very clearly that married couples are our state’s best wealth producing institution. That said, we are encouraged that several legislators, including Rep. Dale Kooyenga (R-Brookfield), the primary mover behind the major tax reform package, and Rep. David Craig (R-Town of Vernon), an ardent promoter of eliminating this penalty, have indicated that they will continue to pursue this for inclusion in the next budget cycle.

There’s no perfect budget. And this one is no exception. Clearly, we have work yet to do, from eliminating the marriage penalty to continuing to expand school choice to further deregulating businesses and more. The state government must continue to live within its means without increased debt, just as strong families do. On the whole, however, we believe this budget has more positive than negative and takes some very good steps towards strengthening Wisconsin families and keeping them or helping them become independent of government. Anytime that’s true, it’s a very good day for Wisconsin.”


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