Domestic Partnership Registry: Oral Arguments slated before WI Supreme Court 10/23

Image“This registry is designed to do one thing – mimic marriage. In so doing, it clearly violates Wisconsin’s Constitution, the will of the voters, and the institution of marriage.  We have tenaciously championed this position as defenders of marriage and will continue to do so with all of our resources.” –WFA president, Julaine Appling

In August, 2013, Julaine Appling, president of Wisconsin Family Action, and 4 other Wisconsin Family Action board members, through their Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys, filed their initial brief with the Wisconsin Supreme Court in a lawsuit (Appling v Doyle) defending Wisconsin’s Marriage Protection Amendment.  The brief clearly and strongly argues that the same-sex-only, statewide domestic partnership registry signed into law in 2009 by then-governor Jim Doyle, violates the marriage amendment by creating a legal status that is at least “substantially similar” to the legal status of marriage, a clear violation of the amendment that was passed by nearly 60% of the voters in 2006.

Oral arguments for Appling v Doyle before the Wisconsin Supreme Court will take place next week on Wednesday, October 23.

(For a brief history on the court case, click HERE.)

Read Wisconsin Family Actions FAQ sheet for the Domestic Partner Registry Legal Challenge HERE.


2 comments on “Domestic Partnership Registry: Oral Arguments slated before WI Supreme Court 10/23

  1. Wade says:

    How can we help fight this?

  2. Don says:

    They never rest.

    Thank you!

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