WARNING: “Safe Schools” grant for WI not so “safe” for WI families/children

dpiThe Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction issued a press release on October 14, 2013 announcing they had been awarded an $8.7 million “Safe Schools” grant.

Page 2 of the news release states:

“Based on identified needs, schools might implement alcohol and drug abuse prevention or anti-bullying programs to serve students, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth, who have in past research indicated higher rates of feeling unsafe at school.”

Symbol of so-called "safe space" for homosexual children

Symbol of so-called “safe space” for homosexual children used in public schools across the nation.

While the Wisconsin DPI announcement notes that the program will be used to increase overall health of students, Wisconsin Family Action president Julaine Appling feels otherwise, Of course, all students should be safe at school; however, the “feelings” of students should not be the basis for determining if someone is being bullied.  We’ve known for years that virtually all of the anti-bullying programs have been spearheaded by homosexual activists and sympathizers.  The type of program this grant is promoting will likely be used to shut down any expression of disagreement with homosexuality.”

A recent study from the University of Texas indicates that anti-bullying programs have shown youth are more likely to be bullied after instituting such programs.

>>>>>read the study HERE

Implementation of the “Safe Schools-Healthy Students” program will be piloted in three Wisconsin school districts (click on links for contact information):

Parents should consider this a heads’ up.  


  1. Be engaged with your school board members.  Express your concerns about the implementation of anti-bullying programs.  Share the study from the University of Texas.
  2. Know where School District monies from the program are being spent.
  3. Be aware of what is taking place in the schools within your district.  Check your local school district’s website.
  4. Parents, talk to your children.  Know what they are seeing, hearing and learning on a day-to-day basis.

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