Marriage, the Voters and the Constitution Have Their Day in Wisconsin’s High Court

Wisconsin Supreme Court hears arguments in case challenging domestic partnership registry

MADISON, Wis. — Today the Wisconsin Supreme Court heard oral arguments in a case that was originally known as Appling v. Doyle


Julaine Appling outside the Wisconsin Supreme Court chambers following today’s hearing

“At issue before the court today was the full meaning of Wisconsin’s marriage amendment and whether it authorizes the creation of other marriage-like unions.  It clearly doesn’t. We’ve been four years getting to today, and I am extremely proud of and thankful for our legal team and their performance this afternoon” said Julaine Appling, one of the petitioners and president of Wisconsin Family Action. 

Austin Nimocks of Alliance Defending Freedom argued the case on behalf of Julaine Appling and four other individuals who are also members of Wisconsin Family Action’s Board of Directors:  Jo Egelhoff, Jerry Hiller, Dick Kessenich, and Lee Webster.  Nimocks was assisted today and throughout the litigation process by Wisconsin attorneys Michael D. Dean and Rick Esenberg.

Appling continued, “We repeatedly made the case this afternoon that the same-sex-only, statewide domestic partnership registry that Governor Doyle and his legislative cronies gave us as part of the 2009 budget mimics marriage, that it creates a new legal status known as ’domestic partner’ that  is at least ‘substantially similar’ to the legal status of marriage in this state.  Such a status violates Article XIII, Sec. 13 of our state constitution, which was added by nearly 60% of the voters in 2006.”

“Fundamentally, today was about defending the institution of marriage, the will of the voters, and the Wisconsin Constitution.  State officials cannot ignore a voter-approved law just because they don’t like it,” concluded Appling. 

The court will likely release its decision and written opinions sometime before June 30, 2014.


One comment on “Marriage, the Voters and the Constitution Have Their Day in Wisconsin’s High Court

  1. LeRoy Miller says:

    Thank you Julaine, Jo, Jerry, Dick, & Lee. Thank you ADF and Wisconsin attorneys for your stand to protect the institution of marriage. We appreciate you all and you will be in our prayers. We will be in prayer for our judicial system to make decisions that are honoring to our God.

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