WI ACTION ALERT! Pro-life Bills Removed from Senate Schedule!

Image**UPDATE 11/15/2013:  The pro-life bills, AB 216 and AB 217, below) were not placed on the agenda for a vote in the Senate this week.  Please continue to call your State Senators and request that these bills be placed on the agenda in January 2014.

Just yesterday, the State Senate indicated it would vote next Tuesday, November 12, on two important pieces of pro-life legislation.  One of the two bills (AB 216) also has a religious freedom component that is very important to Wisconsin churches and religious organizations.

  • Assembly Bill 216 will protect Wisconsin taxpayers from having to pay for the abortions of state employees and will protect many religious institutions from being forced to provide insurance coverage for abortion-inducing drugs.
  • Assembly Bill 217 will prohibit the shameful practice of performing abortions based on the sex of the child.

However, this afternoon we learned that it appears the Senate has changed its schedule, and these bills will not receive a vote this coming Tuesday.

It is critical that these bills be voted on next week.  The Senate will not be back on the floor until January 2014 and the session will be over shortly after that.

Both of these bills have already been approved by the State Assembly.  All that is needed is for the State Senate to approve them so they can go to Governor Walker for his signature.

Please don’t delay!  Click here to email your State Senator TODAY and urge him/her to do everything possible to have AB 216 and AB 217 voted on by the Senate next week!


One comment on “WI ACTION ALERT! Pro-life Bills Removed from Senate Schedule!

  1. […] talking about fair-weather pro-lifers in the Republican Party just yet. Wisconsin Family Action warns that GOP leadership in the state Senate postponed votes on two pro-life bills that were scheduled […]

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